Cikan Architects, P.C.

is an award winning architectural planning and design firm specializing in regional, historic, and conceptual concerns, emphasizing client collaboration and environment sensitive design. Owing to Frank Cikans’ European background he is sensitive to timelessness of design that does not become dated.

Our staff has worked all over Montana, across the country, as well as overseas, bringing creative flexibility and a diverse range of experiences to our firm. Over 32 years of experience in high end vernacular architecture that speaks Montana.

The firm’s Principal Architect Frank Cikan is licensed in both Montana and Idaho, and has worked on several large scale planning projects overseas.


They say home is where the heart is. For us, it’s more like home is where the dreams are.
Cikan Architects specialty in residential architecture is taking the clients’ hopes and dreams and turning them into reality, incorporating any natural elements and details that the client wishes to make the end result feel like a home should: a place that people feel connected to on every level.


Cikan Architects specializes in custom commercial architectural designs and interiors, working with clients to perfectly blend functionality with appealing, welcoming innovation.
From resort designs to building architecture, Cikan Architects can incorporate any style of architecture concepts to fit in with the surrounding environment and commercial services that will be provided there.

Interior Design

A home’s interior needs to be as balanced and harmonious as the space itself, a reflection of the client’s needs and desires.

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